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Join us for the JB Star trunk show

Since 1946, the JB Star jewelry legacy has been based on family and passion. What started as a father’s business creating diamonds blossomed into a son turning that raw material into unforgettable jewelry for New York. Today, that legacy of quality and artistry continues, stronger than ever. Over the years, JB Star has provided a wealth of different designs for rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces. While diamond is a stone that is a speciality, other semi-precious stones have been worked into striking and beautiful designs.

Roberto Coin Trunk Show Is Coming

Italian artisan Roberto Coin is one of the most exciting jewelry designers in the world today. While he came into jewelry design a bit later in life than most, his years of life and study throughout Europe gave him a unique sense of flair that he brought to his work when he finally found his true passion. He’s since carved out a distinct reputation for himself over the last 20 years. His signature design element, a ruby inset into his jewelry to promote a long, healthy life, has become a hallmark of both high quality, and the distinct style of his collections that few can match. 

Colored Gemstones - Put a little color back into your life

The world of fine jewelry is filled with variety, and there really is something for every taste out there. While traditional diamonds and gold are still very popular, today’s colored gemstones are well worth taking a closer look at.

These colored gems are used in everything from bracelets to earrings to engagement rings, and are available in numerous sizes as well as a full spectrum of colors. In giving the gift of colored gemstones to yourself or to that special someone, you ensure that you provide the wearer with a truly remarkable piece of jewelry that exhibits numerous benefits including:

Save the date - John Hardy Jewelry Trunk Show

Fine jewelry makes a huge statement, not only for those who wear it, but for those who give it as a gift. The upcoming John Hardy Jewelry Trunk Show is a perfect opportunity to experience the world of fine jewelry in a whole new way – and give you the opportunity to leave with a few new stunning pieces for your collection. This is a chance to experience the fine art of jewelry making up-close and personal, and you’ll have a chance to meet with the artisans who create the beautiful jewelry pieces that can elevate your style in a huge way.

Love Never Needs To Be Upgraded

These days, technology is all the rage. But while giving that special someone a new bit of tech is fun, it is fleeting. Over time, that technology will grow obsolete and outdate. But your love for them never will, and showing them that your love is forever means that giving them something special that won’t go out of date is a good idea as well – and something that will mean far more than the latest phone or tablet ever could.