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Our Million Dollar Bridal Event Can Be Enjoyed By Everyone

Marriage is a beautiful commitment that is intended to bond two people together for life. It’s no wonder that the wedding itself is so important to everyone, and for the bride in particular. From the engagement and offering of the gorgeous engagement ring to the bridal shower to the exchange of the wedding rings, there are time honored traditions and displays of affection and love that can create lasting memories for everyone involved. Jewelry, and in particular rings, are traditionally linked to the vows of marriage and for hundreds of years, and diamonds have represented the lasting bond and purity of marriage.

Precision Set Perfection And August’s Peridot Promise

Precision Set is an amazing designer jewelry line carried by Simmons Fine Jewelry. This brand features a number of heirloom-quality pieces, ranging from necklaces and earrings to engagement rings and wedding bands. As a bridal wedding ring brand, Precision Set is characterized by its superior quality and its unique designs. The brand incorporates a wide variety of gemstones into its creations and statement pieces. Its aim is to accentuate and enhance the lifestyle of the wearer, as Precision Set pieces exude luxury and fine attention to detail.

Precision Set  – Available at Simmons Fine Jewelry

For Boise area residents looking for the finest jewelry available today, look no further than Simmons Fine Jewelry.  It shouldn't be a surprise, though, as Simmons is well-known for bringing luxurious jewelry to Boise for years now.  The collection at Simmons has grown a bit  larger with the inclusion of Precision Set.   These jewelry pieces are handcrafted works of art, using only the finest gemstones available.  Each piece has a unique design to it, down to the finest detail.  They are truly one-of-a-kind pieces, and Simmons is proud to sell Precision Set to our customers.

Professional Jewelers will take care of your prized possessions

For many Americans, few possessions have the sentimental and monetary value as their prized jewelry. Some women are simply not ready to go out and face the day until they've finished putting on their jewelry. These tiny accessories mark the completion of one's outfit. There is one unintended result of this daily ritual, however: as jewelry is worn, it gets dirty through everyday contact with bodily oils, dirt, lotions and even soap.

Roberto Coin Trunk Show at Simmons Fine Jewelry

Join us Saturday, December 10th, 2011, from 10-6pm for our Roberto Coin Trunk Show. Don’t miss this one day event and experience the finest in designer Italian jewelry. View the largest selection of the year for this limited time.  Roberto Coin is a fine, respected line of designer jewelry, and there will be many designs available for viewing and purchase.  It's just one of many such exhibitions you'll find at Simmons Fine Jewelry, Boise's premier jewelry store.  We're both proud and fortunate to be able to share such fine, quality jewelry with the public as well as our most loyal customers.